Does WONDERS! Super effective.


This is super effective for sinus infection, chest congestion… I was introduced to it by my German friends while traveling in Europe. You may find these pills in many countries around the world. I have a real hard time trying to understand why there are so many really great products with the proven track record, virtually no side effects, very inexpensive and could be sold over the counter, would not make its way to the American market…

Great Cough Relief

Olga Bacher

This product helped me to get rid of my very persistent cough that I got as part of a flu-like infection. It works so simple (essential oils absorbed through the intestines sooth the mucous membranes from the inside) and is natural. I just love it.

The BEST!!!

Simone W.

If you want something that really works to loosen up that gunk in the sinuses and chest – this is it! I grew up with this in Germany. Whenever you are really sick this will take care of clearing that cough and congestion.

Great product!


This product was recommended to me by a German doctor friend. If you feel a cold may be coming on, it keeps it at bay; if you have a cold, it alleviates symptoms and speeds recovery.



I’ve gotten this several times when in Germany… Great product that clears up the phlegmy cough quickly without all the side effects… And like many other German products it’s natural and made up of eucalyptus and other natural ingredients